Angst vor der Angst


by Welcome Project (IT/DE)

The Foreigner’s Theatre



 Den Teufel an die Wand malen.[1]

Welcome Project starts a new production’s path: Angst vor der Angst deals  with FEARS.

Fears, as irrational and divine spirits, take possession of people, villages, cities and even entire nations when they lose the connection with their own unconscious material, when they ignore conflicts and social outcasts.

Fear close us in ourselves. It is a circular thought, a fenced area. An enclosure of no communication. Thought all individual worries are connected to the collective ones. The more we fear the more we’re alone. The more we’re alone, the more we fear. And shadows come over the community.

But where does fear actually come from? How is the fear of a single person connected to the community?

Doesn’t exist a connection between the hate poisoning the society as for instance homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and frustration and repression of each individual?

It’s actually when we are more afraid that we are the most dangerous.

Marie-Louise von Franz, analyst of the Jungian school, wrote:

“As long as such collective demons get us, we must have a little bit of them in us; otherwise they would not get us, for then our psychic door would not be open to infection.”[2]

Fables, as well as Theatre, always had carried out the social task of keeping an open dialogue between the ordinary and the dark, magic world; they represent a window onto the oneiric, a link to forces which are not submitted to the rational control, to statics, to physical or economical laws.

The desire of starting this new artistic research comes out, once again, from a personal necessity: I wish to face those cracks opening at night in my sleep. “To face” it’s probably not the right expression, since it is always related to the lexicon of fight. No, I would rather “question”, “listen”, “give space” and make precious those hours during which fear grips my mind forcing it to a deadlock. Fear is an uroboric thought swallowing our presence away from here and now in favor of a solipsistic world.

It is nowadays scientifically discussed how much social media affects web sailors wellness. It’s said that each like brings us a step forward towards sadness and frustration. A fake community feeding loneliness and individual distress.

ANGST VOR DER ANGST is going to be a one woman show. A not narrative but poetic dramaturgy, made of juxtapositions and fragments, texts and pictures. It is going to be composed by European fables, dreams, memories, nursery rhymes, academic essays, the declarations and promises of politics. Music and videos. Germans say “den Teufel auf die Wand malen”, “to draw the devil on the wall”, “to project the evil outside”: that’s the purpose practically and metaphorically speaking. A personal, and hopefully collective, rite so that for once we can look at the shadow’s face and allow it some room.


[1]  It is a way of saying, it literally means “to draw the devil on the wall” or “to project what is bad out of oneself”.

[2] Franz, Marie-Louise von. Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales, revised edition. Boston: Shambhala, 1995.